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Why Shekinah Online Diploma?

Shekinah offers a Level 7 Diploma in Applied Youth Ministry

The online classes include scripture, theology, psychology and interactive training skills.

The Online Diploma course is conducted online with pastoral placement in your local area

The placement is assessed through retreats or some other approved ministry.

The course is open to all adults interested in youth ministry.

Assessment includes attendance, class participation, essays and the placement.

Participants are supported in small study groups, peer learning and personal development.

The Online Diploma course runs from September to April.

Course graduates move towards retreat teams, youth ministry and school support

Shekinah accepts young people where they are at not where we would like them to be.



St. Patrick's College Maynooth

St. Patrick’s College Maynooth is the certifying body for accreditation of the course which is approved by the National Framework for Qualifications (NFQ)

Youth Matters

Young People face a changing world!

Understanding them, their attitude and environment is a skill in itself. With the Shekinah ethos, a relevant knowledge base awaits through training and personal spiritual growth. Shekinah offers practical skills in engagement with young people, problem solving, personal development and social science. The learning outcomes offer a rich opportunity for professional enhancement and personal fulfillment.

Benefits of the Shekinah Courses 

  • Official certification
  • Professional confidence in youth ministry
  • Colleague Network
  • Practical tools to manage youth work
  • On-line Course – study in the comfort of your own home
Shekinah Online Diploma in Spirituality

Participants Comments

The Online Diploma course provided so many methodologies for interacting with and facilitating young people using drama, music, film, art, small group interactions, ice-breakers and much more
(Youth Minister)

About Shekinah Online Diploma

Shekinah is a training programme for adults who wish to facilitate youth retreats or other youth ministry programmes. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to facilitate people who wish to avail of this course but who live at a distance from Maynooth,  the programme will now be delivered  on-line

The Shekinah course ethos is rooted in scripture and the message of Jesus but with a profoundly practical interpretation to help Shekinah graduates reach new levels of awareness to engage better with the youth of today.

Shekinah is a Hebrew word that means ‘the light of God’s presence’. In Jewish and Christian theology Shekinah is the glory of the divine presence, conventionally represented as light or interpreted symbolically as a divine feminine aspect.

Young people seek out role models from their peers, siblings, parents and grandparents, an effective retreat team ideally embraces all age groups and backgrounds to best model the reality of the Church as a community.  The methodology and tenor of Shekinah is deeply influenced by the living pedagogy and practice of St John Bosco, founder of the Salesians and patron saint of young people.

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