A selection of blogs from past students and associates of Shekinah

Youth ministry challenges for the Church

On the 4th of July 2017, I celebrated the second anniversary of my priestly ordination. It is five years since I completed the Shekinah Youth Retreat Training Course. Reflecting on the last five years, I give thanks for the formation I received in Shekinah in 2012 under Sr. Jennifer Perkins and Fr. John Horan, empowering me to work more competently and effectively in ministry with young people.

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Reflection Exercise

Gimmick or Genius?

In today’s society unless something can be seen, smelt, tasted or touched its existence is questionable. With this in mind how can one visualise the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Enter the ‘Salt Jar’ which is both gimmick and genius…


not in equal measures, the genius of the ‘Salt Jar’ far outweighs its ‘gimmicky-ness’ (if that’s a passable word?)

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Shekinah – A Matter of Faith

As a mother of two teenage daughters interested in my own faith development and that of young people, I was looking for a course that would promote both.

In my search I discovered the Shekinah course which aims to train interested adults in youth retreat facilitation. I was searching for a course that would work around a full time job and be affordable. Shekinah seemed to fit the bill. Fees could be paid in installments and it ran over ten Saturdays between October and February. Additional work included three practical retreats and three short essays.

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Meditation in the Classroom

My name is Marie Maher and I teach at Patrician Presentation Secondary School, Fethard, Co. Tipperary.

During the summer of 2014, I found the brochure for the Shekinah course at the back of St. Mary’s Church on Haddington Road. The reading on the brochure that first day really attracted me and so I applied for the course.

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