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Dr. Finola Cunnane

Finola Cunnane


Dr Cunnane is a lecturer in Theology, Scripture, Spirituality, Psychology, Education, Leadership and Pastoral Care in Universities in Ireland, England, Malta and the United States. She is also Director of Theology and Education courses in Ireland, England, Canada, New Zealand and United States. Her current role with Shekinah is as a Lecturer and Course Facilitator for the Youth Ministry Study Programme.

Other activities include :

  • Development Education Practitioner
  • Facilitator of Preached and Directed Retreats.
  • Spiritual Director.


  • Doctor of Philosophy – Fordham University, New York
  • Master of Arts – Fordham University, New York
  • Bachelor of Science – University of Surrey


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  • “Issues of Identity in Religious Education” in Critical Issues in Religious Education, Oliver Brennan, (Editor), Veritas, Dublin, 2005.
  • “Towards an Understanding of the Adolescent Search for Meaning” in At the Heart of Education, James Norman (Editor), Veritas 2015.
  • Several Entries in Encyclopaedia of Christian Education, Mark Lamport (Editor), May 2015.
  • “Where I Find God” in Where I Find God, Cora Guinnane and Joanne O’Brien (Editors), Columba Press, Dublin 2016.
  • Various Book Reviews.
  • Intercom 2000 – 2016. (Monthly Contributions)